Official 5TARS Whitepaper, last update June 2022

What is 5TARS?

5TARS is the world's first WATCH-TO-EARN game built to reward fans for watching what they love most: Football.
The core of the game is to be accurate on football players performance ratings, game predictions such as match scores and the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the game.
Collect NFT cards, albums and set up your perfect team to compete at the Match Combat Arenas and earn BUSD.

Why 5TARS?

5TARS aims to become a new meeting point for all those football fans that passionately follow their teams. We use the WEB3 wonders such as NFT and Smart Contracts to give back to the Fans, allowing them to earn while you watch a game.
We also want to give a whole new experience to the Fans, where they can be engaged with their passion in an era of digital distractions.

What technologies and infrastructure are used for it?

The platform is a responsive HTML5 game running over the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will be using BUSD as the main currency for all transactions. The 5TARS game will be hosted in Amazon AWS as a serverless infrastructure in order to be able to support the peak of users and provided a high-quality performance during matches.
5TARS is Amazon AWS Partner Network (APN)
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